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Nanci & Jim Irwin
Aero Performance was founded in 2002 by Ken Broadie, whose family had been involved in general aviation parts and maintenance in Fort Worth, Texas since 1946. Ken hired Bill Rehkop as National Sales Manager and Bill brought on board an experienced staff of outside sales agents to represent the Aero Performance product line to FBO's, aircraft repair centers, and flight schools nationwide. In January 2014 Aero Performance was acquired by Jim and Nanci Irwin, whose family has been active in aircraft parts distribution since 1955. In September 2015 Aero Performance acquired Varga Enterprises in Chandler, Arizona and that facility is now a branch of Aero Performance. Jim and Nanci Irwin, along with their sons Mike, Jeff, and Rob currently operate Aero Performance from its regional warehouses in Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. Bill Rehkop and his sales team continue to provide outstanding service to Aero Performance customers across the country providing a complete product line from all major aircraft parts manufacturers.

Count on Aero Performance for friendly, personal, and efficient service at competitive prices for all of your general aviation parts requirements.

Jim Irwin
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